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Welcome Kelly/Kelley Researchers!

These pages are being designed in order to help all researchers who are looking for Kelly/Kelley families in NY State. In 18 years of research of my Kelleys in NY I have gathered a vast amount of info, both on my family and unrelated Kellys that might benefit other researchers. If you have info to add, please e-mail me and it will be added to the list. While these pages are UNDER CONSTRUCTION, the following links will help to get you started. MUCH more to follow as time allows!

Occasionally you will find my related names mixed with the Kelley research. Some of these names are HILLIKER, ILETT, PANNELL, GILLEN, CONKLIN, BANKS, ALTON, WRIGHT, CONDIT, REDMOND, BAKER, CRAVER. Other names to follow.

NEW**** Now adding pages for other NY Kelly/Kelley families. If you have a New York Kelly/Kelley family and you would like them added to this web site, please e-mail me at At this time, I am only working on Kelly/Kelley families in the state of New York....NOT NY city. I will let you know when I can get the city up and running. Happy Searching!

My Kelly List of Links

Kelly - Kelley Cemetary Info:
Kelly - Kelley Immigration info:
Kelly - Kelley Military Info:
Kelly - Kelley Marriage info:
Kelly- Kelley Bios and Court Records:
William J. Kelly list of decendents:

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Reference & Learning Tools

If you are just getting started in Genealogy...or even if you are an old pro at it, there are new books and tools coming out on the market all the time. At the bottom of my page is a link to Barnes and Nobles. They have some really great books on genealogy. Just type in GENEALOGY as your search word and the titles and discriptions will come up!

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