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Kelly - Kelley Marriages in NY

Names of Persons for Whom Marriage Licenses Were Issued By the Secretary of the Province of
New York, Previous to 1784 New York Marriage Licenses Alphabetic List of Names page 551

Kelly, Samuel, N.Y., and Joana Provoost, N.Y., spinster.



2. JAMES KELLY (SR) -(SON of Alexzander & Elizabth) b. 12th March, 1737, m. 5th April,
1760, Susannah WILSON, b. 4th October, 1741; (James Kelly, Sr., was respectively Captain
and Lieutenant in the American Army and present at the surrender of Yorktown by Lord

3. James Y. KELLY, b. 12th September, 1765, son of James KELLY & Susannah Wilson
Married: 12th March, 1789 Nancy, b. 25th July, 1766; d. 27th September, 1819

New York Marriages Previous to 1784

Names of Persons for Whom Marriage Licenses Were Issued By the Secretary of
the Province of New York, Previous to 1784

   1672. Oct. 22. Jylett, Jeremy, and Rachel Kelly
   1761. Aug. 1. Kelley, James, and Letitia Pitt, M.B.,
   1778. June 25. Kelley, Samuel, and Joana Provoost,
   1775. July 26. Campbell, Robert, and Hannah Kelly,
   1799. Oct. 7. Crosbey, John, and Rebecca Kelly
   1758. June 3. Cunningham, Mary, and David Kelly,
   1780. Oct. 16. Evans, Catharine, and Thomas Kelly
   1763. Aug. 1. Kelly, Ann, and Thomas Woodward
   1759. Jan. 11. Kelly, Catherine, and James Wall
   1758. June 3. Kelly, David, and Mary Cunningham
   1756. Dec. 6. Kelly, Elenor, and William Davenport
   1764. Mar. 7. Kelly, Elizabeth, and Frederick Malco
   1772. July 11. Kelly, Elizabeth, and John Simson
   1780. May 23. Kelly, Elizabeth, and William Lewis
   1775. July 26. Kelly, Hannah, and Robert Campbell
   1757. April 29. Kelly, Mary, and Samuel Lyons
   1779. Oct. 7. Kelly, Rebecca, and John Crosby
   1780. Oct. 16. Kelly, Thomas, and Catharine Evans
   1780. May 23. Lewis, William, and Elizabeth Kelly
   1757. April 29. Lyons, Samuel, and Mary Kelly
   1764. Mar. 7. Malco, Frederick, and Elizabeth Kelly
   1772. July 11. Simson, John, and Elizabeth Kelly
   1759. Jan. 11. Wall, James, and Catherine Kelly
   1763. Aug. 1. Woodward, Thomas, and Ann Kelly
   1756. Dec. 6. Davenport, William, and Eleanor Kelly
   1703 July 12 Boron, Margaret, ffrench, and John Kelly
   1756 Dec. 6 Davenport, William, and Eleanor Kelly
   1758 July 15 Emotts, Annatje, and Edward Kelly
   1758 July 15 Kelly, Edward, and Annatje Emotts
   1703 July 12 Kelly, John, and Margaret ffrench Boron
   1779, Oct. 7. Crosbey, John, N.Y.,and Rebecca Kelly, Queens County, spinster.
 Kelly, Samuel, N.Y., and Joana Provoost, N.Y., spinster.
 Kelly, Rebecca, Queens County, spinster, and John Crosbey, N.Y.
 Provoost, Joana, N.Y., spinster, and Samuel Kelly, N.Y.

Marriage Record Index Delaware County, NY
February of 1908 and ends in December of 1927.

Kelley              Jennie A.           10/04/1910          George Wolvin
Kelley              Mabel               08/13/1920          Leon Conklin
Kelley              Pearl L.            09/02/1910          Wilbur N. Mc Nair
Kelley              William             07/16/1917          Mabel Stevens

Conklin              Leon               08/13/1920           Mabel Kelley

Kelly               Anna C.             11/04/1914          Joseph P. Tempel
Kelly               Arthur L.           10/18/1917          Juanita E. Miner
Kelly               Augusta             03/20/1918          Lewis E. Cummings
Kelly               Bertha M.           07/16/1917          Leon Kittle
Kelly               Blanche J.          11/16/1912          Ralph E. Jones
Kelly               Bruce W.            09/16/1916          Cora E. Mc Ewen
Kelly               Carson              01/22/1918          Edith Kittle
Kelly               Clarence E.         10/25/1915          Elsie Boller
Kelly               Eber I.             12/10/1914          Neva M. Mc Ewan
Kelly               Edith               10/16/1919          Earl A. Shout
Kelly               Edna M.             11/17/1917          Ward C. Hummel
Kelly               Edward              07/15/1909          Mabel E. Bartram
Kelly               Florence A.         11/21/1922          Harry G. Eckert
Kelly               George F.           10/13/1915          Catherine G. Teaham
Kelly               Gladys E.           04/06/1923          Fred V. Thomberg
Kelly               Helen               08/09/1927          David A. Todd
Kelly               Helen M.            03/11/1918          Edw. N. Rode
Kelly               Henry               05/06/1914          Lola E. Kelly
Kelly               Howard L.           12/09/1925          Helen Mead
Kelly               John F.             01/15/1917          Iva M. Thompkins
Kelly               Joseph E.           10/14/1921          Fredia M. Johnson
Kelly               Kenneth             06/18/1925          Emma Todd
Kelly               Lena E.             04/06/1927          Paul A. Ploutz
Kelly               Lola E.             05/06/1914          Henry Kelly
Kelly               Lucie M.            11/15/1921          Ralph S. Stearns
Kelly               Lucie N.            07/16/1926          Irving J. Squires
Kelly               Margaret E.         03/13/1922          Frank Miller
Kelly               May D.              12/06/1913          Orrie G. Stevens
Kelly               Merchant            01/17/1918          Emma Rose
Kelly               Nelson B.           06/18/1923          Hazel E. Sanford
Kelly               Ola E.              10/18/1917          James M. Meeker
Kelly               Owen                10/04/1910          Eva Koll
Kelly               Roy                 01/22/1918          Edna F. Streeter
Kelly               Sarah A.            03/04/1914          J. Chandler Cable
Kelly               Sprague A.          02/17/1909          Jennie M. Huyck
Kelly               Thomas J.           09/17/1917          Edith E. Hall
Kelly               Walter              09/26/1912          Lorna D. Rolland
Kelly               William I.          09/17/1924          Lillian Crane

(Related surname)
Hilliker            David E.            05/02/1922               Rose De Beaumont
Hilliker            Emil                06/18/1925                 Fannie Finch
Hilliker            Mary E.             08/16/1921               Seth A. Howland

Pastor Julius S. Pattengill Ledger - 1839-1895
Note at end of Book:
"Came to Walton Sept. 1848.
Left Walton Sept. 1868"

Dewitt B. Kelly Jan. 20, 1895. Death from Shock. Age 71

born Feb 09, 1865, and died Sep 1946. She married CORNELIUS E. KELLY.


              MABEL  KELLY, b. 1887; d. 1954; m. JOHN I. HACKETT.
              FLORENCE KELLY, d. 1948; m. LESLIE D. ZELENY.